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Web Design Tips Small Business Owners Need to Know

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With the growing trend of Internet usage and its impact on local business, it is important to have a well-designed website for your business regardless of its size or revenue. The following sets out critical guidelines and statistical data on the impact a website can have on your business.

If you have a locally driven business, approximately 85% – 96% of your potential prospects will search online, before buying from your business or to even contact you.

This is the realism of modern businesses. In the last 5 years, online news publication has increased by 30 million. You can only stay competitive, if you have a well-designed and well-established website. For large business, designing their websites is not a difficult task. However, for small businesses, there are many important things that need to be considered first. Following are some of the most important web designing tips that small business owners need to know:

1. Keep it Simple:

One of the most effective web designing tips for small business owners is to keep the design as simple as possible. As small business owners are more likely to be a bit tight on the budget, it is very affordable to keep the whole web designing part to its simplest form.
Simplicity, though, does not mean that you miss out on some of the important things. Design your website with the least amount of widgets, thumbnails and colours.

Moreover, keep it simple by adding your logo, slogan, brand identity and a stand-out image, which efficiently communicates your product or service to your potential customers without over-complicating the process.

2. Make it Easy:

When compared with some of the biggest names on the Internet like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Google, small business owners need to make their website design easy to use. The above-mentioned names are industry authorities and web users are familiar with their interfaces, website designs and functionalities. Moreover, even if they change the interface to a more complex level, people will always adapt it.
However, this is not the case with small business owners. They need to comfort their website users with easy-to-use interfaces and accessibility. Try to present only useful and necessary links. Be compelling and authoritative in your website design without making your website visitors turned off.

3. Search Engine Optimization Friendly Web Design:

Probably, making a search engine optimization friendly web design is the most important thing for a small business owner. Your primary purpose is to increase your local business’s exposure and its sales figures. This can only be achieved with a proper level of online presence and visibility, which is obtained by search engine optimization.
From making your website design search engine friendly to increased CTR, both these departments need to work in a collaboration. Most of the web designs are extremely good looking, but due to certain technical mistakes, they fail to be SEO compatible. For example, using too much Flash, not properly using alt text in images, common Meta tags, are some of the most common web designing mistakes.

4. Portfolio Showcase:

Another very simple, but effective technique is to have a portfolio showcase at your website. For this, your website design needs to be able to accommodate a portfolio about your products or services. Having a portfolio increases your chance of making more sales – which is your primary goal anyways.

5. Seamless Integration with Social Media:

Another great web designing tip that small business owners need to know is to have a seamless integration system with the social media. Today, it plays a vital role in your success. For example, Dell Inc. claimed to earn an additional 3 million dollars since 2007, only by Twitter posts. Therefore, it is important for business owners to have their website design connected with the social media.

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About the Writer: Matt Fuller is a web design consultant offering small business web design for local businesses.

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