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Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

In the world of web design, there is a lot at stake. People who are on the web expect fast results and when they do not find what they are looking for they are going to move on to the next website. If you are making any of the mistakes listed below then that may be why you are not getting the traffic you desire. Lucky for you, these mistakes can be reversed, giving you a second shot at having the successful website you have always wanted.

Viewers Cannot Tell What Your Site is About

When someone is surfing the web, they are typically in a hurry. With so much information at their fingertips, if they do not find what they are looking for within a few moments of being on your website, they are probably going to leave and go somewhere else. Make sure your website is easily identified. Have a URL that describes what your site has to offer and proper titles and links on your page. At least have an ‘About Us’ section and mini-description available for people to see without even needing to scroll.

Not Being Organized

It is very important that you have all of your links organized and properly labeled. Have sections for various types of information so people will know where to go when they are in search of what your site has to offer them. Too many web designers fail to properly organize their sites and this can lead to confusion which loses potential customers. Even if you have amazing quality content and services, if people cannot find it simply, then you are going to lose traffic.

Colors and Fonts That Hurt The Eyes

Pay close attention to the colors you select for your website. Test run a few options and ask for second opinions if you need to. For example, having a red or yellow background isn’t going to be something people are going to enjoy. There is a reason most websites have an off-white base color with colorful accents to bring everything together. Our eyes can only handle so much, so keep that in mind when selecting colors.

Having Videos or Music That Play Automatically

Ever entered a website, had your volume up full blast from when you were playing a movie and jumped when a video or music started to play? Not fun, was it? Don’t do this to your visitors unless it’s an absolute must. Most of the time, people would like to look around before they watch a video or listen to the music on your page so give them the option instead of forcing it on them. It comes across as a bit ‘spammy’ to many people.

Too Many Advertisements

Advertisements are expected but they should be used in moderation. The last thing anyone wants when they log on to a website is to have pop-ups that won’t leave them alone and all sorts of advertisements throughout the information they are looking at. It makes your website look unorganized and a bit messy. Plus, it comes across like all you care about is making money.

Even if making money is your main goal, offer the courtesy that you would like whenever going to a website. Everything should be running smoothly and easy to access. If you have to keep exiting pop-ups, become distracted by flashing photos and accidentally clicking on links taking you to an ‘order now!’ page, you probably aren’t going to want to come back – ever.

Keep People Coming Back For More

You never want to send you users on a wild goose chase. Give them the information they want, when they want it. This is the only way to keep them around. Give them high quality content that they can count on and they are bound to come back for more. Impress one customer and you are bound to get at least two more out of the deal. Make a customer unhappy and there is going to be a tornado of disappointment.

Do your best to always keep your visitors happy. Contact them in a timely manner and show your care through interaction and your presence online. It’s amazing how hard work pays off. Take note of the comments, questions and feedback from your visitors and you are on the path to greatness.

Make Changes Regularly

Every website is unique so what may have worked for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Molding your website to meet the needs of not only yourself but of your members takes time. Do not be afraid to make changes regularly for the first few months. Look at websites such as Facebook for example; they are constantly updating and changing their services to make them better. It’s an ongoing process, but a fun one to say the least.

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Hi, I am Vadim, VP of operations with Business Media. I have been involved in web design business for many years and have seen (and corrected) many web design disasters.

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