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Great Online Practices That All Realtors Should Follow

Marketing your business online is a great way to garner business. However, if you don’t know how to market effectively, you might be wasting your time. Realtors work in a competitive market, which means you need to know exactly how to market yourself to clients or you risk potential business going elsewhere. While the world of online marketing is changing every single day, there are a few great online practices that all realtors should follow.

Know Your Audience and Know Yourself

If you are a realtor who specializes in selling homes in an area that caters mostly to the older crowd, you don’t want your website to be too streamlined and modern. By knowing your audience, you can make sure your words, phrases, photos, and points are catered to specific people, rather than to the wrong people. If you’re trying to sell a house to retired couples with no children at home, marketing homes with pools, outdoor kitchens, and bars that are a close distance to the hottest nightlife in town is not the way to go. The same goes for the opposite. If your primary targets are young families with small children, you need to focus your marketing methods on school districts, playgrounds, and big backyards.

Knowing yourself is a big deal when it comes to online marketing. If your clients feel you come across one way online but differently in person, they may not feel you are completely honest with them. If you aren’t a perky, happy go-lucky person with a Marsha Brady persona, but a more get to the point, direct and composed type of person, make sure that shows online. Your clients want to know that the person they chose is the same person online and offline; otherwise the trust is not there.

Make Your Point

Homebuyers don’t have a lot of time, but they do have some. You don’t want to bore them with long lists of amenities and things in the area. If you want them to look at a home you have listed, make your point right away. If it’s a great house with a huge pool and a lake view, point that out and let the buyer determine the rest after they click on the link.

Part of making your point is doing it in a way that has customers coming back for more. Be unique and give them something to think about. For example, if you want to market a home in a family friendly neighborhood with an attached garage and a detached garage, you have to get the entire family on board. When moms are looking for homes in neighborhoods like these, they want their big kitchen, lots of bedrooms, and a big backyard. Dads will likely be sold on the garage. The kids want to know if there’s a park nearby. Market this house by getting to the point in a unique way, such as marketing it to moms as the perfect house for them to be able to get their kids to and from school quickly each morning and relax while dad plays in his detached garage and keeps an eye on the kids while they play in the enclosed backyard. Make it appealing to the entire family, and a sale is much more likely.

Be Compliant

There are advertising laws, Fair Housing Laws, and a code of ethics in every state. Make sure your online profile or website is compliant with all of the above. Change it up to ensure that it is complaint anytime the law changes. Buyers are more likely to check you out if your page is up-to- date and compliant with the laws.

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Benjamin Sawyer is Internet Marketing strategist and  part time blogger. He successfully made many viral campaigns for various type of clients, helping them to improve their rankings. real estate company from NYC , hired him as a content contributor few months ago. In this article Ben shared with us some tips from that campaign.

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