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How to Choose a Social Network to Match Your Business Needs

This post gives advice to small business owners on selecting which social networks they should establish a presence on.

Should I Do Social Media?

Regardless of your own personal feelings around social media, if you are a small business trying to build awareness of your brand, then it is imperative that you have some sort of presence. Many similarities can be drawn between social media and SEO, in that it is not always wise to target the social network or keyword that garners the most attention.

When setting up a social networking strategy, you were probably tempted to just look up which social sites had the most members, then immediately get your business set up on there. Not a great move, to be honest, unless you were then planning on using some money to buy yourself a few hundred thousand Facebook likes, too, just so you could take the shortcut to being “noticed.”

When discussing SEO, it is often said that it is better to target a smaller audience who will be more relevant to you, and the same is true of social media. With that in mind, what should you do to ensure you select the best social media sites to build awareness for your business?

Know Your Product

By knowing your product and brand, you can easily select the social networking mediums that are going to work best for you. If you are in certain industries, you might not even need to go down the traditional social networking route, you could always just sign up to YouTube instead and post regular videos and content there.

Alternatively, signing up to Blogger or other popular blogging and content sharing services could save you the time and stress of sorting out several social networking feeds across numerous sites.

While these are definitely ideas worth exploring, you also need to consider how you can have the most impact on as many people as possible, and that may involve joining the big boys.

Social Interaction

If you want to truly interact with people then it would make a lot of sense to join a site such as Twitter, or LinkedIn if you are targeting business professionals. At the same time, this involves a lot of simple text interaction. If you want to take your social networking experience to the next level and really integrate and engage with your followers, then you need to look at sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Get people posting photos of themselves using your products, or set up caption competitions for your followers.

Whatever social site you choose, being relevant to the audience and being able to connect in different ways will help you see social network success.

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Bough SEO, a professional SEO UK company, and this author shares tips for businesses that are in the social networking bandwagon.

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