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How to Create Motivational Marketing Offers That Really Work

Marketing offers are used to attract new and existing customers to your website.  However not all marketing offers are equal.  I recently ran some good offers on my website but didn’t really benefit from them.  Very few people seemed to get interested in my offers and act on them.

This was pretty much the last straw for my self-marketing campaigns.  Although I felt like I had been following all the right procedures very few of my strategies seemed to be paying off.  This meant I was spending a lot of time and effort on marketing with little gain.  This is when I finally gave in and called in the experts.

Expert Marketing

Since expert marketers have been working on my website my sales conversions have shot through the roof.  I really was doing my online business a bad turn by trying to cut back on overheads and avoid paying out for professionals.

The benefits of expert marketing services really do outweigh the gains. Unless you have a strong background yourself in marketing and sales you just cannot bring the same experience, skills and creativity to marketing strategies on your own.

Motivational Marketing Offers

One of the problems with my previous attempts at marketing offers was that they were not very motivational. Really my offers were not really offers at all and failed to entice and engage browsers.  This meant they were failing to convert into lead generation for my website.

  • Ideally marketing offers need to provoke a reaction from the browser.  This needs to target your key audience and make them respond to you.
  • For example you could offer free eBooks when customers sign up to your website.
  • This is an offer that benefits the browser and also ensures you can capture new email addresses for your future marketing campaigns.
  • Another good offer is e-coupons.  These can be delivered through email marketing, PPC campaigns, direct mail marketing and other methods.
  • Coupons should require the customer to take action for the best effects.  So in order to get their coupon discount or special offer they would need to buy something first, sign up to your website or simply provide their contact information (email).
  • I also learnt to create offers that highlight the benefits of my products and services.  This is why free webinars work well as you can target them to offer informative content to recipients that is also focused on selling your products and services.
  • Another issue I failed on before using expert marketers was that I was sending out generic offers.  For powerful marketing offers I found out you need to be targeting the right audience at the right time.
  • I was not using the information I had about my recipients to target their interests or even the point they were in the sales process.
  • For example a number of first time site visitors could be downloading free eBooks on a particular subject such as real wood furniture.  To target this group you could follow up with a lead nurturing campaign that offers links to webinars about choosing and buying furniture.
  • You could also send product offers on the area of your website they are interested in to really target this audience and transform them into customers.
  • On the other hand browsers that are looking at specific product pages may be further along in the sales process.  They already know what they want and are looking for attractive deals.
  • You could benefit by sending them offers such as free product trials to really capture their interest and push them that one step closer to closing a sale.
  • Using the statistical information provided by marketing software and web hosts is essential to building up strong marketing strategies for the future.

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Expert SEO copywriting marketing campaigns can really get your website moving ahead.  Apple Copywriting helped me to develop powerful motivational marketing offers that really boosted my lead generation figures.

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