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How to Make an Effective Slide Presentation

One of the easiest ways to minimize yawns during your next monthly meeting is to make sure that you have a slide presentation. But gone are the days when slide presentations never failed to amaze the audience. Presentations have been in existence for more than 25 years now and it’s safe to say that they have already lost their novelty. With a more discerning audience, how do you keep your presentation from being a snooze-fest?

1. Start with an outline.

Studies show that people become more interested when they know what’s coming next and after what’s after that and when it’s finally going to end so make sure to have an outline. You can flash the outline at the start of your talk or even give copies to your attendees. Another good reason for why you should have an outline is so that your presentation follows a clear flow by adhering to it.

2. Be careful with the bells and whistles.

Yes, what use are the animations if you don’t use them. But while some animations might be helpful, i.e. the classic dissolves and wipes, star wipes and the pinwheels will only make your professional presentation seem like a fifth grader’s report. Although transitions are available, you do not have to use every one of them. Not only do they degrade the quality of your presentation but these headache inducing transitions can also slow down your entire presentation in that transitions require time.

3. Choose appropriate colors.

Colors are very powerful in that they are emotion-inducing. However, if you pick out colors which clash with each other like black and red or green and orange, it’s possible that the only mood you’ll be stirring up from among your audience is anger. While white and black color combinations never can go wrong, other pairings include violent on yellow or green on purple. And make sure that you choose only one set of colors from slide one to finish for consistency.

4. Use sounds and videos with caution.

While one of the ways to make your presentation more interactive, and give you a short break, is to include videos and audio clips, if something goes awry, they can really derail the flow of the entire presentation. So if you’re hurriedly putting something together, it’s better to keep everything plain text and graphics.

5. Use bullets.

Your presentation is just a tool to help you with your speech, not something which should take the place of it. So resist the urge to copy and then paste paragraphs on your presentation, instead use bullets. Not only will you intimidate your audience to boredom with all those words, you’ll also be tempted to simply take the easy route and just read all that’s found on your presentation. If that’s the case, why don’t you just send your presentation to your audience and ask them to read it during their free time?

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