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Top 4 Consumer Complaints About Online Shopping

As the internet has risen to prominence over the last few decades, so has one of its most popular features: online shopping. Nearly everybody does at least some of their shopping online these days, and for good reason: it’s more convenient, less expensive, and offers a wider variety of options than traditional shopping. Online shopping does have a dark side, however; ecommerce consumers have complaints just like brick and mortar customers do. Here are the most common.

1. Slow Or Non-Existent Delivery

One of the biggest drawbacks in online shopping is that once you order your goods, you have to wait for them to arrive. This is usually bearable, as long as the order arrives within a reasonable amount of time. But as time drags on, and you wait and you wait and you wait, and your awesome new whatever still hasn’t found its way to your doorstep, your patience begins to wear thin. What in tarnation could be taking this long? Did it get lost? Did it get sent to the wrong address? Did it ever even get shipped at all? Trying to track down undelivered merchandise can be a nightmare, especially if the company or person you ordered it from is unresponsive or indifferent to your plight. Many people list slow or incomplete delivery as their biggest issue with online shopping. 

2. Product Doesn’t Match Description/Pictures

So you’re doing a little bit of online shopping, and you see a cute green purse that would look awesome with your new dress, and decide to order it. When it arrives, however, you see that the green they advertised is actually more of a puke-y brown, and not nearly as well made as the description had you believe. When you’re shopping online, all you have to go by is the product pictures and description. When this representation doesn’t match up with reality, consumers get angry, and rightfully so. Protect yourself from this disappointment by reading any product reviews you can find, which usually let you know about any major discrepancies or issues.

3. Indifferent Or Impossible To Find Customer Support

As an online shopper, you’re fully aware that things go wrong from time to time. Everybody makes mistakes, including online retailers. As long as the company/person selling you stuff apologizes and rectifies the situation, these inconveniences are generally acceptable. Too much of the time, however, merchants are completely indifferent to customer concerns. Sometimes it’s a struggle just to find contact information in order to be able to lodge your complaint. Prevent this from happening to you by dealing only with merchants that have a stellar customer service record.

4. Clunky, Hard To Use Website

Nothing takes the fun out of an online shopping experience faster than an annoyingly dysfunctional website. Nobody wants to shop on a site with counterintuitive navigation, unpleasant aesthetics, and a poorly executed enterprise ecommerce platform. Companies that have unprofessional ecommerce setups will not survive for long—people simply don’t want to enter their credit card information into a dodgy-looking site.

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Ronald Davis operates a small ecommerce shop from his hometown of Pleasanton, CA.

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