Tuesday, August 9, 2022

10 Strategic Tips for Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Effective internet marketing is obviously important for a myriad of reasons. This is true whether you have a business that is solely on the internet, or a business that has an internet presence as well as offline presence.


Having a great website is one of the most important factors in effective internet marketing. A good website would be one that spells out the product or service being offered. One that is easy to understand, by all reading levels including non native speakers. Being to the point and leaving out fancy graphics and Flash, with great content will go a long way in marketing a website.

Social Media

Being able to broadcast your message via social media is key to any solid internet marketing strategy. This is the case whether the audience is in their teens or their 50’s. Users constantly log on to their social media accounts so this hits them often.

Know Your Audience

It is important in any marketing strategy to know your audience. This can help you decide where to drive your customers from. For example, if your audience is older or less internet savvy pay per click campaigns may work. If your audience is spending a lot of money on your product or service, reviews and information may be a great driving tool.


Running a pay per click ad service is a great way to get relevant traffic quickly. This can be a costly venture, but a good way to get instant relevant visitors to your website.


Study other websites and their success. Looking at highly ranked websites is a good way to get ideas. Obviously do not steal content, but seeing how they drive traffic and how their site and ideas are laid. This can get new ideas for your own site as well.


Having a site optimized for SEO is very important. When a site appears number one for relevant keywords, this can be a huge traffic burst. Remember, the difference between being number one and number two is huge, so keep at it. Organic traffic converts well, and if your site is number one, users will trust it more.

List Serv

An opt-in email list can be highly effective. This is because users are already interested in the product being offered. Make sure to follow proper regulations and etiquette regarding emailing.


Your site should not sound like a sales page, and it should offer the user what they are looking for. If you have a site that is authoritative, users will come back and recommend it.


Make sure your website is easy to navigate on all types of devices. More and more traffic is coming from tablets and smart phones. It is a good idea to build quick loading and easy to navigate sites. You can borrow friends devices to test your site.


There are many programs available to track your website visitors and you need to invest in one. You can see where they came from, which pages they navigated, and if they return. You can see what is converting and what is not. This information can help you tailor your marketing program.

Their are many factors in a good marketing program, but a well built, simple to navigate site is a good start. Once you start driving traffic, the results should come very quickly. Luckily, if not, the site can be changed easily to accommodate your needs.

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Jessica Wallice enjoys sharing her business experience and stays on top of our high tech society. She recommends using backgroundcheck.org before hiring any employees.

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