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Web Design : How To Find High Paying Clients

It would be nice to think that the best paid web designers are those with the best design skills but this is actually rarely the case. In reality, the best paid web designers, are those that are the best at marketing themselves. Like just about any freelance profession, it’s all about finding high paying clients and some web designers are simply better at this than others.

Should you find yourself a little short on such clients, the good news is that it’s not rocket science. If you can get your head around advanced usability theories, you can get your head around effective self marketing. Here are seven simple ways to get your name out there.

Set Up an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is an absolute must for any self respecting web designer and yet it’s something that many freelancers don’t get around to building. If you can’t demonstrate your skills in a professional fashion, nobody is going to pay you a professional wage. Therefore if you don’t already have a portfolio, creating one should be the first step that you take.

Set Up a Blog

The benefits of blogging are significant when it comes to freelancing of any kind and web design is no exception. When you blog about what you do, you not only attract search engine traffic to your online portfolio, you are also demonstrating your passion for your field. And the fact that a successful web design blog can be profitable in its own right is just one more reason why you are mad not to have one.

Be Social


Social media is another essential tool when it comes to getting your name out there. Regardless of your personal opinions about the entertainment value of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you need to be present. Both social networks offer ample networking opportunities and if you build a following, you will attract clients.

Make Business Cards

Business cards are essential for two reasons. First off, you might be surprised by how many new clients can be found by simply handing them out like candy to friends and relatives. The nature of web design means that just about everyone knows somebody that could benefit from your services.

And the second reason is that when you do meet a potential client, a lack of business cards makes you like an amateur. They might take your napkin but they are unlikely to ever contact you.

Utilize Signature Links

The virtual equivalents of business cards are of course email and forum signatures. Every piece of correspondence that you sent out should include a link to your portfolio or blog. Signatures only take two minutes to set up, but doing so will benefit you every time you correspond with somebody online.

Join the Community

Wherever there are people discussing web design, you should be there. Think of it as online networking. Join web design forums. Comment on web design blogs. Be a regular contributor on Quora’s web design section. Be curious, be helpful and be professional. Tick these three boxes and you will be rewarded with new clients.

Don’t Forget to Look Offline

You are likely to find the majority of your clients online. Given the nature of the job, this certainly makes sense. But don’t be fooled into thinking that there aren’t web design jobs to be found in the real world. Take a look at businesses in your local area, find out if they have a website and if they don’t, ask them why not? There’s some serious cash to be made bringing tech virgins into the twenty first century.

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