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5 Tips To Help AdWords Management

When you use Google AdWords, you are in essence advertising your products and services to the whole web. This is the largest ad network on the net, and allows you to reach the biggest user base out there. However as a result, it is also the most used, and where competition can be fierce. If you want to get the best return possible, at the lowest cost, you need to have or invest in good AdWords management skills. But quite often, in order to become good at getting results using this ad network, you need to fail a lot first. Thankfully, there are a lot of straightforward ways you can use to improve your results. Here are 5 tips that can help you deal with the AdWords interface so that you can get better results without the need for a long learning process.

Use the range of analytics options to your advantage

The first tip is to use all of the analytics options that Google offers. AdWords management focuses on data and analytics, and the interface provides a lot of options. One recently unveiled option is the campaign diagnostics, which is available in your campaign tab and will help you a lot by giving you messages when the system thinks your keywords are blocked, your bids are too low, and so on.

Use the keyword tools

Another tip is to make good use of the keyword options. There are many third party tools out there that people use to select their keywords, but do not forget that Google also has some tools built into AdWords. Because they are the biggest search engine, they have the latest information about the web, and may provide you with data you did not have.

Scheduling reports

The third tip is to schedule reports. If you run many campaigns, it may become overwhelming to constantly log into your AdWords account and go through all of the campaigns and all of the reports. Instead, you can tell Google to email you a nice spreadsheet with all of the information you required each and every day. Speaking of automation, Google now offers automated rules, which can automate a lot of the things you may want to do in the management console. You can change bids, turn ads on or off, and change your budget based on a series of triggers. By using those, you can very effectively fine tune your campaigns.

Optimise your bidding process

The last tip has to do with automatic bidding. Selecting the right bid for a campaign is the single most dreaded step for many people, especially those new to ad networks. Changing your bid can have unpredictable effects on your ads, and it is never clear whether increasing or decreasing a bid will necessarily have the right outcome. Fortunately, Google now has an automatic bidding process. When you create an ad, you do not have to specify a bid anymore. By using automatic bidding, Google will always try to get you the right bid for your keywords.

This is a great way to start with AdWords management, although you should still learn how to bid properly down the road, because Google will not always do the best job. But hopefully, these tips can help you get started.

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Eilidh MacRae works for Marketing By Web who provide adwords management.

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