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Web Design Trends 2013: Top 10 Smashing Trends to Look Upon

Web designers, who have fad for bringing novelty and peculiarity in their designs, often bring the revolution in the design realm. Design changes with contemporary trends and tastes of the audiences, and implementing them is good to fly over the stubborn competition. Moving abreast with design trends not only keep your site noticed but also make it a trend setter of the year!

Web realm is as trendy as the fashion industry, where web technologies keep on updating time-totime to provide an enormous surge in the marketplace. A great demand can be seen for HTML5 web development with the advent of modern markup languages like XHTML and HTML, which fits the best example of modernization in the web realm. The advancement in the design field reflects the latest culture resulting in the constantly burgeoning demand. Such revolution is generally originated from the web design community of veterans where they represent their innovative concepts and notions to meet the advanced expectations for the user interfaces.

Kill your anxiousness, as we present the most demanding techniques and trends of web realm, 2013:

1. Responsive Web Design

Undoubtedly, RWD has to be placed on the top of our list, as this technology has strong competencies to perfectly switch between the Design Layouts to match every form of digital media. Whether you speak of any huge device like PC/ Laptop or handheld device like tablet, smartphone (or anything that expected in the future), its uniform web design is ready to fit in any device’s environment.

The users can experience enhanced browsing experience, even on their portable media devices without the hassles of adjustment to the screen through pinching, zooming and scrolling. The RWD powered website offers intuitive user interface that makes it much easier for users to enjoy the content of the site.


The CSS3 Media Queries in RWD technology allow the web designers to customize the layout of the design depending upon the device nature. This is certainly a cutting-edge web technology, which is being used by many web professionals.

2. Large image backgrounds

A website is developed with a sole purpose to catch the attention of the visitors who lands on it. Design is the first thing that interacts and captures the visitors’ attention, but what if the design fails to do so? The web trend (2013) is going high for large photo backgrounds that perfectly blend your website theme.


Also, the unique & giant image backgrounds work well for custom branding for the visitors who land on your web portal and application. so, go trendy and become popular!

3. Social Media Badges

Good marketing techniques can lead to your website’s growth and success. Social Media Badges are a great way to promote your brand through positioning to articles and blog posts in your design layout. This helps the readers and interested visitors to share the content quickly to their respective links such as on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


4. Digital Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode (image based hypertext link) which you must have seen QR Codes several times whether reading a newspaper/ leaflets/ brochure/ business cards or going by a billboard. The best thing about the QR code is that it is readable by smartphones.

QR Code

Using this QR code the Readers can fetch the phone number, email id, website and other stored information or message straight from their handheld device. The profusion of mobile devices has resulted in the surge of QR Code apps. Also these Quick Response codes are becoming the web design trend for transmitting the data quickly yet hassle-free. A couple of websites have even implemented this great idea for serving enhanced user experience.

5. CSS Transparency

CSS Transparency is next web design used by multiple of websites. By employing this technique of new CSS3 properties, the designer gets the control to produce transparency for any modern web browser, where no other design software is required.


When designing using CSS, the web designers have multiple options to denote the hue using blue, green, red and Alpha transparent values. This trend is certainly going to remain in the web realm for years.

6. Sliding Panels for webpages

Earlier the sliding panels got very popular through the use of ActionScript and Flash technologies. Today advanced technologies like jQuery and JavaScript are used to give the same dynamic effects. So this trend will definitely rock in web design realm for the year 2013.


7. Giant Typography on web pages

In the preceding section, we noticed that oversized image background layouts are in trend. Similarly the trend also focuses on full-screen typography where the text is filled in the browser in order to grab the users’ attention.


8. CSS3 Animations

Embellish your webpages with CSS dynamic effects using ‘CSS3 Transition property’. In the upcoming period, many web designers would love to bring freshness in their design through reflecting animations in their design.


9. Fixed Header Bars

Give convenience to the site visitors in browsing throughout the site along with the fixed header bars for quick navigation. Besides delivering pleasant user experience, the design layout renders sophistication and artistic appearance to the website.

fixed header

10. In-depth illustrations

For catching user’s attention, the newer web designs need to be more exciting, just like filled with core details to represent the artistry. Make sure that the details should complement your website representing the diverse moods to hold the visitors attention.

in-depth illustrations

Final words

These trends are focused to give right direction to the web designers who are looking to give fresh and crisp look to their website design. You may choose one or more trends (of the above mentioned) to incorporate in your next design project. Take initiation to move ahead!

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Garry Smith comes up with web trendy and inspirational blogs to acquaint the web designers and interested readers regarding the current and forthcoming trends of the web industry. The author works with CSS Chopper, the leading Web Development & Outsourcing Company established on a global platform. The company is fortified with qualified team of best web developers to truly justify the client’s expectations and needs.

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