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Artists Online: Who They Are and How to Find Them

A professionally designed website can add to the success and customer base of your business. An experienced and knowledgeable web designer knows the specific areas that can drive traffic, manage and market a company’s product or services and showcase the business in a passionate light. In order to get the right logo or artistic element to go with the website, the webmaster will need to find the right online artist community for the job.

Website Design

Businesses of all sizes and ages need a good website to be successful in today’s technological world. Your company information, and the products or services that you sell should all be available to your consumer base at all hours of the day or night. When you’re available 24 hours out of the day, your customers are happy and want to utilize your services.

A good website design should also be affordable, easy to work with, and have great navigation mechanics, so your customers surf your site quickly. It should also have the artistry that captivates and holds the interest of the consumer.

Niche Communities

If you’re looking for a specific niche, you’ll find an assortment of communities dependent on your specific needs.

  • is a unique community where tattoo artists come to display examples of their various works. Notably, this is a site for artists who specialize in designing a tattoo you can easily remove (temporary tattoos). Some websites have used these tattoos to market their sites offline, by having employees or fans wear the logos to specific events.
  • Other communities where people come to share ideas includes This place has a massive selection of a conceptual art designed by artists of various ages, traditions and cultures. You’ll have a wealth of ideas to select from, and you can communicate with the various artists from around the globe.
  • If you’re looking for 3D realm, the modeling and animation of has a host of artists at various experience levels.

Online Resources

There are an assortment of online resources to allow a webmaster to find the right creative artist for their specific needs. Depending on your current job and instructions for a project, you can utilize forums, Google searches and referrals to get the right illustrations. Here are some potential sites for finding the right artists for logos, illustrations and other graphic elements:

  • Deviantart is one of the largest online resources for artistry. The art submitted by some of the creators is like no other site on the Internet. You’ll find an assortment of categories to ensure that the artists exhibit their works to the best of their abilities. With over 24 million members and over 240 million artistic submissions, the site attracts significant attention.
  • Wetcanvas is another dynamic site where artists come to gather. They currently deliver close to 3million Internet pages of designs each month to over 500,000 visitors who navigate the site.

For web designers who are searching for the ideal logo or unique artistic element for their creations, you’ll find an assortment of online resources and artistic communities. In addition to displaying their creations, the above sites have helpful information where artists can come to congregate, display their work and share ideas that pertain to the artistic world.

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Catherine Harris is a freelance writer, blogger and design enthusiast. Sites using edgy concepts, like compelling 3D graphics or a logo tattoo you can wear or link, can make all the difference in getting those crucial return visitors.

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