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List of Websites With Outstanding Textured Web Design

If you are going to make a website, understanding how to use textures properly can really enhance your web designs. The best way to get some ideas about it is to look at some other designer’s work. Looking at some textured examples will let you know about some good techniques and also how to implement them in certain types of designs. We are going to cover a few of the basics about what textured designs are and then provide a list of websites that are great examples.

What Exactly Is Textured Design?

Textures are usually compared with patterns, but there are some distinct differences between them. Textures are usually much larger and have a more random effect to them. It isn’t necessary for them to repeat, and if they do, they can repeat any way they want. They are used to add more depth to a site, used as backgrounds, and are also used to help give pages different sections. Older designers swear that patterns are just as effective, but that isn’t completely true. You should fully understand the differences between them before you make your designs.

Patterns VS Textures

There are a couple of reasons why people have been using textures instead of patterns. The 1st reason is because you can use textures in many more situations and for many more reasons than you can with patterns. Since textures can be any size, you may not need to repeat it to make it useful. With patterns, they almost always are required to be repeated because they are so small. With a texture, you can either place it in an area as is, so you can repeat it once or twice to have a larger affect. Either way works.

Textures can also be much more complex than patterns. Since the area is much larger, the entire image can have more aspects and more depth. Patterns are usually just small little graphics that have very few elements or are very basic. The opportunity you have with textures is much greater and won’t risk your overall design. If you only use patterns, you will be limited to the amount of situations you can use them in without compromising the entire design.

In general, textures are much more popular throughout the web design industry nowadays, so if you are looking to stay competitive, you will need to learn how to properly use them. If you design sites for other people and they ask to have a top of the line website, you can’t come back with a limited design that has techniques that were popular 10 years ago. You have to give them what they paid for, a quality design that is impressive.

So now that you know what the differences are and understand what textures are, let’s take a look at a few examples. Here is a list of sites that can provide you with some great ideas.



















Check out any one of these sites and you will see how textures can be used in multiple different ways to create a stunning website.

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