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Promoting Your Oral Surgery Practice: An Introduction

There is always a need for oral surgery. People need oral surgeons for a range of reasons – whether it be dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, or corrective jaw surgery. Oftentimes people are not aware of the services an oral surgeon provides. The advantage of implementing a marketing strategy to promote your oral surgery practice can spread more awareness of your presence and your services.

Oral Surgery Practice Promotion: An Introduction

  1. Does your website have good design? Does it articulate the services that your practice offers and how to schedule an appointment? These are probably two things I would put at the top of my website design “must-haves.” Visiting a website that is difficult to read and — can make patients weary of coming into the office. Then you have to think about the quality of your pictures and the quality of your content to show the credibility of your practice. These are some preliminary things to consider when looking at your practice’s website.
  2. Is your website searchable and mobile compatible? Taking your website a step further, making your website searchable will increase web traffic greatly. What does that mean? In short, when people are searching for dental practices online, making your website searchable and practicing SEO will help people click on your website first. There is a much longer explanation, but you can talk about this with a SEO specialist or web design firm. People are also searching more on their mobile phones now. Along the same lines as website design, a mobile compatible website can make it easier for people to peruse your website.
  3. Have you considered dental blogging? This is an example of good SEO practice, publishing content. Dental blogging can increase your dental practice’s website rank and increase your credibility as a dental professional. You can write about any dental news (in particular oral surgery), the services you offer, and guidance for oral surgery recovery.
  4. Have you been mentioned in your local newspaper? Or local neighborhood magazine? Articles or press releases written about your practice, services that you offer, or staff can be good exposure in print or online. The benefit of having a something written about your practice online is that they can add a link back to your office’s website, thus practicing good SEO and helping your online presence.

What do your patients think of you? In addition to having good word-of-mouth, getting some good reviews on Yelp or testimonials on your practice’s website can play a part in foot traffic to your office. People place a lot of value in patient reviews and testimonials. If a patient was particularly pleased with the procedure you performed on them, ask them if they are willing to write a review or give a testimonial. Be sure that these reviews and testimonials are asked organically and voluntarily, as it could do more harm to initiate a review that gives off a forced and unnatural tone.

Have any of you readers promoted an oral surgery practice? Please tell me all about it in the comments section.

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Thu Nguyen writes for Austin Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. Thu thinks that dental marketing is an interesting field.

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