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The Best Images For Your Law Firm Website

I’m sure you are very aware of the various generic stock photos that are abused and overused on thousands of law firm websites. Countless pictures of gavels and courthouses are not going to make your law firm stand apart from the crowd. Although stock photo websites are a great resource to use, it may be a good idea to stay away from the cliche images that not only will not help, but might be detrimental to your overall marketing effort.

Stock Photos You Should Use

Although lawyers are very literal people, it is best to steer clear of literal images that scream “Yes I am a lawyer!” Instead, abstract or out-of-the-box images portray your law firm as new, innovative, and with-the-times. Law is constantly evolving, and your website needs to convey that your lawyers are too. Stay away from general images like people in suits, handshakes, conference rooms, law books, and even scales. A few general images here and there is okay; they can reaffirm users that the website is actually for a law firm, but there is no need to have one on every page. Instead, use pictures that reflect your law firm’s personality. If your law firm has no personality to portray, you might need to undergo a serious rebranding project. Otherwise, your firm will just be one of the many average law firms in the crowd. If this seems like a difficult or daunting task, it might be a good move to hire a marketing consultant or a marketing firm to assist in your website design. It will be money well spent.

Most Overused Stock Photos to Avoid

  • skylines
  • documents
  • pens
  • books
  • people in suits
  • courthouse
  • steps to a courthouse
  • scales
  • gavel
  • columns
  • shaking hands
  • office buildings
  • library

Biography Pictures

When it comes to pictures of your firm’s attorneys on the bio page, try to use fresh, yet professional pictures. Your portraits should not be old fashioned, posed-pictures behind a generic background. Perhaps you could have your photos taken outside–this will give a fresh spin to your website. Like with stock photos, your biography pictures should reflect the personality of your law firm. If you want to portray a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, show this in your photos. Have your lawyers wear more relaxed clothes–if you insist that the lawyer’s wear suits, try omitting ties. On the other hand, if you want to show a very professional, expensive firm, make this known through the photography. The body language of your lawyers in their photos is important as well.  Try to avoid cliche attorney poses like crossed arms with a fierce expression on the face. It is understood that you must be tough to be a trial attorney–you do not need to show this in gesture. Frankly, it turns out looking cheesy.

Unique Pictures

If you are having a hard time trying to come up with unique stock images to use, it might be a good idea to hire a photographer to take custom photos of your work place and the city in which the law firm resides. By doing this, potential clients will definitely get a feel for your law firm. Overall, showing effort in your website design reflects the amount of work your firm will ultimately put into a client’s case.

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Kristen Valek blogs for Alamo Injury Attorneys, a compassionate and skilled law firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Kristen thinks there are some pretty funny stock photos out there.

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