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Increasing Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

With 2014 creeping right around the corner comes new trends and marketing strategies in every industry. What won’t be changing? The high influence of the Internet. More consumers are getting their news and information from social media and online marketing than ever before. From powerful bloggers to Yelp to email marketing campaigns, the impact of the digital landscape will only continue to grow and expand. And this is statement deems true for each industry, from agriculture to health care to real estate. Don’t believe it? Just look at Blockbuster’s inevitable fate, all because the company neglected to keep up with industry trends in technology. Learn some digital strategies to maintain your dentistry’s online presence and stay on top of the digital game.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of another influential blogger publishing your brand’s content by reaching out to him or her directly and pitching your post. This strategy, when successful, enhances search engine optimization (SEO) results for your practice because the more credible websites with backlinks to your website, the more favorable Google ranks your page on the search results page. Guest posting is an excellent strategy to use for recruiting new patients into your office, as long as it’s executed properly.

Have an On-Site Blog

An on-site blog establishes authority with your audience, which consists of both current and potential clients. Keep up with the blog by either setting aside an hour of your day to generate dental discussion or hire a professional content developer to maintain it for you. On-site blogs also allow you to target specific keywords, which can lead to your practice’s website taking the first page of Google search results with those keywords entered.

Engage in Social Media

Consumers like engagement, and this can easily be achieved through social media. Often, the most successful brands on social media hire a professional social media coordinator to do it all. You will want to commit to a few channels where your target audience can be reached easily. Facebook and Twitter usually have the best ROI for social media practices, since both audiences vary in demographics. These channels also provide the chance to link to your content on your blog.

Use Testimonials

The best evidence of skill is pictures and real-life testimonials. You can probably find positive experiences through reviews online on websites like Yelp. Use a few of the best ones you can find, and also take pictures of clients for any cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. People trust former clients more than you, for obvious reasons, and therefore their marketing power has potential to bring in more clients for you.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With consumers using the Internet more from their phones than desktop computers than ever before, it’s crucial to keep your website mobile friendly. How many times have you checked out a website while out and about, only to find that it’s nearly impossible to navigate? Keeping your website mobile friendly will prevent potential future clients from exiting your website as quickly as they got to it.

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Lindsay Bradshaw is a blogger for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin, Texas. She thinks guest posting is highly effective for SEO results.

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