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The Best Free Keyword Research Tool and Tracking for Beginners

Finding a good tool as a beginner can be quite hard since there are so many tools out there that want you to pay for their services. Well, this tool allows you to use their services without needing to pay, although they do have a paid version, which adds on more benefits. If you decide not to pay anything, you will still have lifetime access to their free services. The tool we are going to be talking about is called KeywordSpy. It is much more than just a basic keyword research tool, so let’s take a deeper look.

How to Get Access

To get to the keyword tools, just go to www.keywordspy.com. At the homepage, you will see all of their benefits and features, but on the top you should see a tab that says free trial. Although it says trial, it is a lifetime trial that doesn’t expire. Once you click it, it is going to have you make and account, just place your e-mail, your name and then you are finished. Now you can use the tools as you please.

Basic Keyword Functions

With this tool, you are going to have access to the regular keyword research statistics, such as approximate monthly search volumes, how much competition there is, and also you will be able to get a list of similar keywords to help you think of other options. This information is crucial to any keyword strategy that you might be trying to implement because if you ignore these statistics, you might end up picking a keyword that gets no traffic, or you might pick a keyword that has way to much competition for you to handle. Either way, you’re not going to get too far with your SEO efforts.

Once you have gotten all of the regular statistical information down, you will also notice that they provide a lot of pay per click information as well. Since this tool helps analyze potential keywords that would be good for PPC, you will see some information that will only pertain to you if that is what you plan to do. If you don’t end up using any pay per click services, then you can still benefit a lot from all of the other information.


This is where this tool really thrives. Unlike other tools that don’t really go into too much detail about the competition of the keywords, you will be able to get every aspect of information you would need to gage whether or not you should focus on that phrase. You will get a large list of all the competition on that particular keyword and then you can go beyond that into getting all of the details of every single competitor.

You have the ability to see what every single keyword they are targeting, which ones they have been successful with, how much traffic they get, how much of their traffic is organic, if they are using pay per click programs, how much money they spend on those PPC keywords, and plenty more. It is pretty incredible to check out exactly what your competition is doing. Not only will you figure out if you should target that specific keyword, but you will probably get a lot of other ideas after seeing what all of your competitors are doing.


Keeping up with all of the information can be quite hard, but with easy reports that you get through this tool, it makes keeping up with everything much easier. You won’t need to rely on looking everything up individually because all of the information you need will be on the same page. If you decide that you wanted to sign up for the paid version, you will get a much more effective tracking tool that provides you alerts and regular reports with new information regarding keywords, competitors, and more.

When it is all said and done, this is a great tool to use. Since you can get the majority of their services for free through their trial, you might as well give it a shot and try it out. The more you play around with it and research keywords, the more effective you will be with the tool.
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